6 of the Biggest SEO Mistakes you need to Avoid at all Cost

biggest seo mistakes

biggest seo mistakes

The biggest SEO mistakes often arise because you’re trying everything and anything to get visitors to your site.

Generating traffic is one of the biggest glitches of running a website, especially when you are starting as a rookie entrepreneur. You have to work along with your team to set the right strategy and then slog hours to make it work.

You need to find a direction and then put everything on the right course. But that’s one of the roadblocks to implementing an effective SEO strategy.

But just because you need it so badly, doesn’t mean you have to act without giving it much thought. Making serious blunders with your SEO campaign can have serious repercussions for your online reputation.

To avoid facing the music of SEO goofs, you need to avoid the below-mentioned 6 biggest SEO mistakes at all cost:

1. Lacking Quality in Content

As they say, content is king. Lacking a strategy for your sales pitches can seriously affect the outcomes of your website.

To get the desired results from your SEO efforts, you need to first set a content strategy and make it work for your particular type of industry so that you can get your website in front of your audience.

Keep your target audience the priority while optimizing content for your website. Find out about their problems and needs. Then, while presenting solutions to these concerns, throw in your selling proposition.

2. Expecting Quick Results

SEO is a long-term process and it takes time and effort before your SEO tactics come to fruition. Keeping this in mind, you should never be in a rush to expect results right away.

Be realistic and understand that you’ve just put up a site that has no history or reputation. So it takes time before you can fully reap the fruits of your efforts.

However, if you want quick results, you can integrate your organic efforts with paid advertising offered by Google. To get insights into the outcomes of your SEO activities, you can use PowerSuite Domain Analysis, a powerful tool to track the results of your SEO campaign.

3. Biggest SEO Mistakes: Using Black-Hat SEO Techniques

Gone are the days when it was possible for link builders to get away with generating unnatural links. There was literally no end to click baiting or spam links. Years ago, it was considered a cheap tactic to move up in the Google’s SEO ranks.

There were zillions of underhanded techniques like content spinning and exact-match domains, etc., that helped you climb to the top rankings on search engine results pages (SERP).

But nowadays, the game has changed altogether. Today, Google will penalize you badly if you resort to the aforementioned black-hat SEO techniques.

The best thing is to go the long way round. Though it takes some time, it will benefit your online visibility in the long run.

4. Improper Site Structure

Your web developer might not know what is best for your site structure. But this is a common issue with every new website. Having a poor site structure makes your entire SEO efforts fall apart and you end up wasting your time and money.

Therefore, it is first important to set a proper site structure prior to working hard on your SEO strategies.

5. Focusing Too Much on Link Generation

Focusing too much on link generation is not going to help your website gain traction on the SERP. Remember that SEO is a broad field and you will need a holistic approach to getting the best out of this crucial factor in search engine ranking.

Therefore, it is important to keep everything in check to enhance your online visibility in Google and other search engines.

From the keyword analysis of your website and content strategy to social media marketing strategy and blogging, you’ll have to excel in each of the facets of your SEO factors to uplift the reputation of your website on major search engines.

6. Using Plagiarized Content

Using plagiarized content is the quickest way you can lose your credibility in the eyes of search crawlers. Remember that plagiarism is a serious offense and Google penalizes websites that resort to such malpractice.

Therefore, if you have been considering this practice as an easy way to find a place on the top SERPs, you are sadly wrong. In the worst case scenario, the search crawler can even de-index your website and your leads will not be able to even find your website.


In the competitive word of online marketing, your mistakes are the gain of your competitor. Therefore, you must avoid the above-mentioned 6 biggest SEO mistakes at all cost.

In doing so, you’ll be on your way to finding a top spot in the rankings of the major search engines.

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Rebecca Katharine works as an SEO Analyst for dissertation point. She is passionate about the latest SEO trends, tools and techniques. She is also a part-time blogger and writes about the various aspects of SEO and other online marketing areas.

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biggest seo mistakes

biggest seo mistakes






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