Google Trust: A Guide on How to Earn It

Earning Google trust necessitates over 200 different ranking factors.

Of course, the quality of your content and links cannot be overstated. But gaining Google trust is just as important.

Some of these ranking factors are technical and others are metric based. However, there is a growing likelihood that Google looks for trust factors in a website. These are the sort of things that showcases a site and its content as a verifiable source.

There are a number of different factors on site and off site that come together to create this Google trust. In this article, we are going to look at some of the offsite ones.

Offsite Factors That Affect Google Trust

In general, sites that have incoming links from well-respected websites are viewed as being more trustworthy than those that don’t.

This is largely due to the fact that these sites don’t link to external websites without careful consideration. If they are linking to a site, it is generally an indication that the site provides high-quality content.

Business Directories

Before the advent of the Internet, nearly every business was listed in the local Yellow Pages. In many ways, being listed in the phone book served as proof that your business was legitimate.

Today, traditional phone books have been replaced by online business directories. Adding your business to these directories will make it more trustworthy in the eyes of Google.

Media Coverage and Google Trust

Press releases have a long history of use. When you put out a press release on a well-respected site, like PR web, it lets Google know that you are running a legitimate business

This can help increase Google trust.

Top Google Trust: Links from Wikipedia

Moderators on Wikipedia only link to top-quality content. If you want a link from this site, you need to provide extremely valuable information.

As one of the largest sites worldwide, a link from Wikipedia can go a long way towards making your site seem credible to Google. So focus on adding fantastic content to your site to improve your chances of getting a link.

Consider using Matthew Woodward’s strategy for locating broken links from Wikipedia that you can create relevant content for.

High Authority Links

Links from high authority sites can be extremely beneficial.

For instance, getting a well-respected site, such as Forbes, to link to you shows that you provide valuable content and have something interesting to offer. These links are not easy to get, however.

In addition, HARO and MyBlogU are worth looking into. On the odd occasion, you might get lucky and get a link from one of these high-quality sites.

This great infographic from Serplogic illustrates many of the Google trust factors very nicely:

Google Trust

Google Trust: A Guide on How to Earn It

Google News

Google seems to favor news websites. If you think about it, it makes sense. After all, newspapers have always been a reliable source of information.

Sites that are featured on Google News are subjected to a manual review before being included in the news feed. Because of that, a link from Google News to your website can help establish legitimacy.

And that makes your site more trustworthy.

Comments on Blogs and Forums

Commenting on blogs in your niche can feel like a waste of time since most of the links from these sites are no-follow links. However, it can actually do a lot to boost your site’s credibility.

Participating in blogs and forums related to your business shows that you are an active member of your community.


Building Google trust is not something that will happen overnight. As long as you put in the work and build valuable content, however, you can eventually make your site seem more credible.

The result: you’ll be able to tap into the many benefits that come along with being trusted by Google.

About the Author

Cormac Reynolds is a passionate content marketer and link builder. He spends countless hours in his working life writing for several blogs in a multitude of niches. Nevertheless, he always makes time for playing rugby, his favorite pastime.

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Google Trust

Google Trust: A Guide on How to Earn It





Image source: Serplogic


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