6 Press Release SEO and Marketing Benefits You May Have Overlooked

Press Release SEO

6 Press Release SEO and Marketing Benefits You May Have Overlooked

Press release SEO is a very powerful strategy to implement for your blog or for any clients for whom you provide SEO and marketing services.

An online press release provides web surfers with very important details about a business and may positively affect their buying choices. Not to mention, the key ingredient of any press release is the publicity it brings.

Plain press releases are inferior to search engine optimized ones when it comes to drawing attention to a business. Search engine optimized press releases may still give companies the most effective form of online marketing, even after the Google Panda and Penguin updates.

It’s still possible to find well-optimized press releases in Google’s search results. Not to mention, a press release can contain hyperlinks which direct visitors to an e-commerce store or website.

Below are some of the press release SEO and online marketing benefits you may have overlooked:

1. Prompt visibility

The moment a properly written, well distributed and well-optimized release is live, the company or product it pertains to will get publicity.

Press releases are picked up and syndicated by news websites, like Google, Bing, Yahoo! News and plenty more. Any individual trying to find news using keywords that happen to be in your press release title or subtitle will land on your newsworthy article and hence discover the services and/or products you provide.

Press releases are stored by authoritative news websites for an interval of at least four to six weeks, after which they are archived. By releasing company news, you may profit from being featured in the RSS feeds of authoritative news websites for weeks.

2. Branding and reputation

Most individuals do a web-based search for an organization when they’re interested in buying from them. Thus, press releases may also help companies with reputation management. These releases ensure that there are numerous positive citations about the business found on the first few pages of search results.

Prospects learn that an organization is reliable based on what they discover about the firm. If an organization has many press releases that paint it in a positive light, then a buyer will find it easier to purchase from that firm.

Prospects may also come across older press releases about the firm. And older news will tell them that the firm has been around for a long time.

3. Visitors

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Attracting site visitors is a key advantage of any well-executed press release SEO strategy. A release can create a good number of online visitors for a firm. And these visitors will usually land on their site in the course of the first few weeks after publication.

Newer press releases rank higher on news websites. Due to this fact, it is a good press release SEO strategy to get in the habit of publishing press releases regularly.

4. Inbound high authority links increase search engine rankings

A press launch can create backlinks to your website or any other place you’d like to direct visitors to, be it a Facebook page or other social media profiles.

Since press releases can be active for a very long time, you’ll get a constant stream of site visitors because of the backlinks you embody in your releases.

Press release links are usually no-follow due to Google’s webmaster guidelines. But if your press release is interesting and distributed to Associated Press or Press Association publications, journalists may base a story around your news.

And if your story is picked up by national publications or high profile bloggers, you will get very high authority one-way links to your website. You may even get some coverage on the lunch time or evening news, which would really boost your traffic!

If Google sees a lot of people searching for your brand, along with a low bounce rate on your site, they may have a higher opinion of your site and its content. Thus, you will be rewarded with higher rankings for your target terms.

5. Even more press release SEO benefits: local search boost

Press releases will contain your business’s contact details, like its name, address and phone number. Good distribution will get your press release published hundreds of times. And each time the release is syndicated, it will act as a citation for your business, boosting your local rankings.

Optimizing for local search gives small businesses the edge over larger multinational organizations. This is because a large and ever-growing portion of searches are made by local users.  But you need to make sure you keep all your citations uniform, so you may want to take a look at this blog post for more info on local SEO.

6. Credibility

Press releases have the best credibility score in contrast with the many different publicity strategies available. This is because they don’t make readers feel like they are studying nicely-crafted adverts.

Folks searching the net usually seek credible sources of knowledge relating to their queries. They know that press releases are credible and top of the range. After all, columnists and editors wouldn’t enable them to get published if they weren’t newsworthy.

Because of this fact, an online searcher is more likely to go further with the knowledge they get from press releases than with data they obtain from alternative sources.


You may have heard some Internet Marketers say that press release SEO was once an excellent way to boost your rankings. And that it is now a frowned upon and even risky activity, due to Google’s algorithm updates.

However, press release SEO is still very much a viable strategy to execute along with your other SEO tactics. When done properly (as opposed to using it to stuff spammy links into spun content), press release SEO can boost your rankings and brand awareness significantly over a short period of time.

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6 Press Release SEO and Marketing Benefits You May Have Overlooked







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