7 Things to Keep in Mind When Blogging for Jobs

Blogging for Jobs

7 Things to Keep in Mind When Blogging for Jobs

What exactly comes to mind when you hear the word blog? Maybe you think about people who are posting about parenting or those who put up funny animal videos.

What you should know is that some of the most savvy job seekers today will put their skills to the test by blogging for jobs to help them achieve ultimate success, as well as numerous job opportunities.

These are some examples of how blogging for jobs can help get your foot in the door when applying for your next job:

Just Like a Resume, But Better

Everyone has their own resume, but a blog will go further and allow you to really highlight your skills. If you are a writer, this is the perfect space for you to put up examples of some of your best work.

If you happen to be a tax accountant or are involved in another career path, there are plenty of creative ways that you can highlight your thoughts and interact with potential clients or employers.

Just make sure that all of your writing is well-supported and very accurate when you’re blogging for jobs.

Your Digital Footprint

In this technological day and age, many employers will search for you online when they go through the hiring process, suggests Spotlight Recruitment.

Any potential recruiter that stumbles upon your blog will be able to get the bigger picture regarding who you are, how you carry yourself and what they may be able to expect from you as a potential employee.

Your blog will contain plenty of information that you have complete control of so that you can show yourself in a great, positive light. Here are some tips.

Networking Benefits

Employers are looking for someone who is going to be well connected as well as possessing the skills and knowledge to get the job done.

Blogging for jobs is a great way for you to build positive connections so that you have a vast network of like-minded professionals, which shows that you mean business.

Staying Sharp and Relevant

Instead of letting your skills slip as you are scouring the internet for jobs, you can keep up with a blog so that the posts can keep your writing skills sharp while keeping you on top of the latest trends, topics and happenings online.

Believe it or not, many of the top bloggers today have the ability to present themselves as career experts in their industry.

Intrigue Potential Employers

A hiring manager can go through many resumes and applications in a single day, which can understandably get very boring.

If you have a blog that they can look through and learn more about you overall, it can be a nice break that will help you to stand out above everyone else.

As a possible job candidate, you are positioning yourself for a spot for an interview with your well-written blog.

Building Your Brand

A well-organized blog is going to be filled with your words and your ideas. This is almost like a billboard to help you advertise yourself and everything that you are all about.

You can think of it as beneficial visual advertising to help you get the job position you are longing for.

Remain Professional

When you want to use a blog as a reference point for a job search, you want to remain as professional as possible.

Stay away from assumptions and facts and try to show both sides of the argument when you are posting about something that you are passionate about. This will show that you have the ability to differentiate between business and personal posts.


I hope you keep the seven pointers above in mind when you’re blogging for jobs. If you do, it can make all the difference and give you a distinct advantage over all the other job seekers you’re competing with.

Lastly, always look over your blog to make sure that it is well written and on-point when you are blogging for jobs because the last thing that you want is something small to hold you back from getting what you want out of life and a career.

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Blogging for Jobs

7 Things to Keep in Mind When Blogging for Jobs


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