Top 5 Attributes of a Good SEO Freelancer

SEO Freelancer

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SEO Freelancer

SEO Freelancer

Many businesses that want to increase their online presence on the web opt to hire an SEO specialist to help them drive traffic to their websites. Freelancers in this field are sometimes preferred over agencies, and with good reason. A freelance SEO professional will dedicate more time to your project as opposed to big outsourcing agencies, which all too often have to deal with numerous clients at a time. In addition, hiring a good professional to help you with your online marketing needs will only cost a fraction of what most agencies charge. What’s more, you can get that personal touch that some agencies fail to offer.

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There are many people who claim to be experts in search engine optimization these days. So, how do you know the best person to hire? The fact of the matter is that no two freelancers are the same. To enjoy the benefits explained above, learn how to spot the best person to entrust your online marketing projects. As you go about your search for the ideal SEO expert on various freelancing websites, here are the top 5 qualities that your preferred candidate should posses.

Good Track Record

Before hiring an SEO freelancer, find out how long they have been in the business. Does your chosen candidate have a portfolio with a freelancing platform or client testimonials on a personal website? What do past clients say about the services they received? Ideally, aim for an SEO expert that has a proven good track record and high success rate with previous projects. In this way, you can be assured that your marketing projects are in the hands of a professional.

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Conversant with Latest SEO Trends

The world of SEO keeps evolving. With the recent algorithm updates from Google, past aggressive SEO practices like link schemes and manipulation of anchor texts no longer work. Such tactics that worked 5 years ago may even hurt your websites visibility on search engines. A good freelancer should be aware of all of these trends. You can even make such an individual your trusted freelance SEO consultant of choice when trying to come up with an effective strategy to drive targeted visitors to your website using ethical means.

A Wide Range of Skill Sets

An adept online marketer who has diverse skill sets can be quite beneficial. You can use the services of such an individual to accomplish a wide range of objectives, be it link building, optimizing content, or finding the right keywords. Having one point of contact for all your SEO needs can also reduce the costs that come with outsourcing services from multiple professionals.

Good Communication and Timeliness

Prompt communication and timeliness are two hallmark qualities of a reliable SEO professional. If a prospective freelancer is fast to reply and provides quality work on time, he or she would probably make a good hire.

Reasonable Rates

Last, but certainly not least, keep in mind that SEO services need not be expensive. Take your time to vet several freelancers that offer affordable rates then choose one who does not compromise on the quality of work.

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  1. Michael Levanduski

    Thank you for the post. This is good advice for writers as well as people who are hiring them.

    • Mike Looby

      Thanks Michael. Yes, it’s important to have a few tips about this subject when looking for a Freelancer. Otherwise a lot of money can be wasted, right?

  2. Nikhil

    You are right. A good SEO freelancer stays always updated with current trends. And provide valuable result for their customers for future success.
    Thank you for this great post.

    • Mike Looby

      I’m glad you liked it, Nikhil. 🙂

  3. Nihar Sharma

    Good article about to hire SEO freelancer. But other factors
    are also have to be consider before hiring SEO freelancer like how many years of experience in SEO, how he is up to date with the current trends and updates etc… and the most thing is how much he would charge for the service.

    As per my experience, to hire professional SEO Services Company is better than to hire SEO freelancer. Because the company already has well developed infrastructure and well trained SEO professionals who gives the best services. As a business man we gave all our online marketing work to IndiaNIC Infotech Ltd. and my experience with the company is very good. The company provides SEO services at very reasonable and competitive price.

    • Mike L

      Thanks for the info, Nihar. 🙂

      • Nihar Sharma

        Your well come Mike..

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