How to Build Backlinks? [5 tactics that rock]

Knowing how to build backlinks is very important in blogging and internet marketing. You get higher rankings, higher
impressions, higher clicks, higher recognition and higher sales when you know how to build backlinks.

Many people try to build backlinks by purchasing them, and end up losing their current ranking instead of
gaining higher rankings.

Google and Matt are much smarter than us, they’ll catch us even if we buy one single backlink from anyone
or even just link bait.

So now how can we get more backlinks naturally and get higher rankings?

Here are 5 tactics that show you how to build backlinks naturally, without spending a dime, and how to get faster

Tactic 1: Make How-to Guides to Build Backlinks

How-to guides are so lucrative when it comes to backlink building: if you make a how-to on the current hot
trend, then chances are high that you will gain a lot of backlinks in no time.

How to Guides

For getting linked for a how-to guide, make sure that you write out each step correctly. Make sure that the
guide is easy to understand for any person.

If possible, then include images for every step to make it clearer.

Now, the chances are high that your how-to guide will be linked!

Tactic 2: Shoot Images

People want images in their online content, but not everyone can go out and take appropriate photos. For
this, they go to sites that have stock photos and use them-and in return they give a backlink to the author.

These type of sites get millions of backlinks from bloggers and website owners.

YOU can also do this, so go out, find an appropriate scene, shoot it, upload it, and give the picture
away in return for a backlink.

If you take interesting photos, you’re probably going to get thousands of backlinks within one month..or less.

Tactic 3: Write What Sells

I hate to keep harping on about this, but this is still the most important task. If you take a look at posts in
copyblogger, in trackbacks, you’ll see that on average every one of the posts gets linked by 50-60 websites or

Do you know the reason why this doesn’t happen to you?

Because your content isn’t epic like theirs.

If you spend time carefully producing great content, you’ll get linked for sure. And this is ultra-panda/
penguin/snake safe 😉

Tactic 4: Q & A Websites work well

Use question and answer sites, like Yahoo Answers! to build backlinks. Find a category where you have
specialized knowledge.

You can build lots of links from these sites. You can build one backlink (or two sometimes) for answering
one question. It will take around 2 minutes on average to answer a question.  What if you sit for 1 hour to do
this job? After one hour you’ll end up with 30 quality backlinks!

Tactic 5: Be Stupid, Stand Out of The Crowd

So you need backlinks, right?

Be stupid, act weird, act like noone else does and stand out of the crowd.

No one links to a normal blog, but if it’s weird and crazy, then people are gonna link it. Why don’t you try it

For example, checkout this site and you’ll see what I’m talking about.


It’ll take some time and effort initially when you’re learning how to build backlinks, but you should try the above 5 to get natural backlinks easily and fast.

You can also use Social Bookmarking Sites to build backlinks to your site.

Tell me which tactic you like the most, and what do you do to generate backlinks to your site?


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