Blog Content Ideas When You Are Stuck

It happens sometimes in your blogging journey that you get stuck on writing blog posts.

It may be the result of your laziness, or sometimes you just have no ideas to blog about.

Don’t worry, it happens to the best of us. We will all suffer periods of “writer’s block” from time to time
in our blogging journey where we bang our heads against the wall, but still can’t come up with anything
to write about.

Here are some blog content ideas to get your creative juices flowing when you’re out of ideas:

“How To” Posts

You may have noticed that “How to” posts are often the most popular posts on blogs. This is because
they are problem-solving posts.

When people are stuck on creating content, this kind of post can really help them get unstuck. Thus, you can share solutions to some difficult problems in your niche where you are a master!

You can also ask your audience to tell you about problems that they have been experiencing. And then write a post about it.

Conduct Interviews

This is a hot trend in the blogging world today. Basically, bloggers conduct interviews of well-known or Pro Bloggers on their famous blogs and both parties benefit.

It works really well when you are struggling with your writing because you don’t need to write much: the Interviewee comes up with all the answers. You just have to copy and paste them onto your blog in the form of a new post. You’ll get lots of traffic and comments using this technique because your readers will be only too keen to read about the tips you received from your industry expert. An article such as this can really end up helping them out!

The best part is that you, as the Interviewer, will also be able to promote your blog through promoting this ground-breaking, informative, exclusive interview. There’s a very good chance that your blog post will go viral.

Write Reviews

These type of posts are very easy to write and also have a great potential for earning commissions.

When you have no ideas to blog about, then write a review on a product you are using right now. If you write an honest review, then it may get you lots of traffic-and if you place your affiliate link in there, then you may generate some income too.

However, if the review is fake, then nobody is going stay on your page for long. So make sure you have already used or experienced the product, and that you’re not just rehashing other reviews.

Get Ideas from Comments

Just skim through the comments section of your blog. You may find some requests from your readers of topics to write about.

I often get ideas for what to write about from my comments section or from the emails I get. Maybe you can also find some great ideas for generating content by checking old email messages and the comments sections of your recent and old blog posts.

Subscribe to Your Fellow Bloggers and Competitors

This is a clever way to get ideas for writing your blog posts. See that what your friends and competitors are writing about. You may get some refreshing ideas from them.

Skim through the old posts of their blogs too. Who knows, you may get lots of content writing ideas from these web pages too.

Rewrite Your Old Posts

Go to the old pages of your blogs and read the posts there. Think about whether you can write a new blog post with new or updated material on the same topic.

Write a “Part 2” version of the old posts. You may attract the attention of your readers in this way by giving them new ideas and strategies.

So these are the tactics you can use to get blog content ideas when you come up against roadblocks in your writing. So whenever you get bewildered with writing blog posts for your site, come back to this article to get ideas about what to write.

If I missed any ideas, then please feel free to let me know in the comments section below.