How to Improve Your Alexa Site Ranking Rapidly

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Improving your alexa site ranking is really very tough and important task for most of bloggers and webmasters because it shows the traffic rank of a website and the lower the rank, the better. Most advertisers choose blogs to advertise on solely by looking at it’s alexa site ranking. So Impoving Alexa Rank is a MUST do for us. Today I’m going to show all working techniques to improve your alexa site ranking FAST.

Most bloggers say that they don’t care about their Alexa Rank but inside they all worry about their alexa site ranking (Me and YOU too). I found out some secrets to improve alexa rank fast-and it works! See the alexa rank of my site, before one month it was about 300k-400. In the recent 2-3 weeks I grew it to 176k and still increasing rapidly.

If, after reading this article post, you need more help-or if you’re on a serious mission to improve your alexa site ranking, take a look at Alexa Specialist. They have packages that vary in price, depending on how low you want your alexa site ranking to become, and they claim that you’ll start seeing results as early as 7 days after your account is set up.

In any event, going back to the best ways to manually improve your alexa site ranking, the common and MUST do action items to improve alexa rank are here (at the end there are some secret ones).

Install the Alexa Rank widget

When you search on google “How to improve Alexa Site Ranking” then you will get lots of results and almost each webpage contains this tip-Install Alexa Rank widget. This is so old but it works. I have installed this alexa rank widget and I’m seeing good results.

A bonus tip: When you install the alexa rank widget, try to get more and more pageviews as possible. Do promotion like hell, and you’ll see the alexa rank falling fast. Once you got enough results, remove the widget. Simple! You can get the html code to install alexa rank widget from here.

Install Alexa Toolbar in your Browser

Alexa rank is purely measured by the traffic of the blog. Alexa can only know the traffic of your blog if the alexa toolbar and rank widget is installed. That’s why to help you to improve your alexa rank, install the Alexa toolbar yourself as well as recommending it to your visitors to install so alexa can capture more traffic and get your rank improved.

A little trick: I also have a little trick for this, after installing the alexa toolbar and widget go to your website. Now press F5 for a while. This trick will rapidly improve your rank if it is too poor. Also another tip is that make your website your homepage. So whenever you open it, a pageview gets counted in the alexa database. Install the Alexa ToolbarΒ here.

Claim Your Site

You can claim your site via going to and click on “Claim your site”. Do the verification process and put required information. This will also make alexa aware of the site owner and traffic, thus improving your alexa site ranking.

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You can set a custom description of your site too. So it will be more beautiful. Go claim your site. πŸ™‚ A bonus trick: Sorry I don’t have any tricks for this, tell me if you have-in comments.

Ask your readers to write a POSITIVE review about your blog on Alexa

This is also another common and working trick to improve your alexa site ranking. If you have a lot of positive reviews, then it will increase the authority of your site as well as the alexa rank. So ask them to write a positive review. Also, please write a positive review aboutΒ this site on alexa to help us to improve. Thanks!

A bonus trick: You can increase reviews of your site by exchanging reviews. Ask your friends to do a positive review and do the same for their site. So it will help you both. Here are some SECRET tips to improve your alexa site ranking which are rarely shared:

Update your blog Regularly

This is what worked the best with me. I tried to do at least one post per day from last 1 week. I did it and the alexa site ranking is increasing rapidly. Your blog must be updated frequently (at least 4 times a week).

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Alexa loves blogs that are updated regularly with quality content. [Just like ours ;)]

Get Backlinks from Low Alexa Rank Sites

This is another personal tip from me which worked like a charm. I tried to get backlinks from low alexa rank sites and it helped me to increase my alexa site ranking. This is somehow the same as increasing page rank – getting backlinks from high PR sites increases your PageRank and getting backlinks from Low Alexa Rank sites increases your alexa site ranking.

Bonus Tip: Checkout this Comluv enabled blogs list and checkout the sites with Pr 6-3. These websites certainly have a good Alexa Rank so get backlinks from them via commenting or guest posting.

Get involved in Internet Marketing forums and Get traffic from BLOGGERS

You may be wondering that why to get traffic from BLOGGERS? Let me explain the reason to you. The reason behind this tactic is that most of the bloggers have the alexa rank widget installed in their web browsers. So you will make alexa capture more page views to your website and get a better alexa site ranking.

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Forums and blogging communities are best two ways to get traffic from them. Search in google and you will find lots of Internet Marketing forums and Blogging Communities.


The main tip for increasing your alexa site ranking is to get more and more traffic and pageviews. To make Alexa capture these pageviews, install the alexa toolbar and widget. If you have zero traffic and you try to improve your alexa rank, then it is totally impossible. Hope you understood what I mean πŸ˜‰

Over to you

If you have any other useful tips on how to improve alexa site ranking,Β then don’t feel shy to share it with us via commenting-because sharing is caring. πŸ™‚ Also tell me your results after applying these tips to improve yourΒ alexa site ranking.


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