7 Ways to Dramatically Increase the Ecommerce Conversion Rate of Your Product Page

Ecommerce Conversion Rate

We know that it takes a lot of effort building an e-commerce website. With ever-increasing competition, it becomes very hard for you to retain your website visitors and turn them into buyers. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. We can help you to increase your eCommerce conversion rate.

What does the Ecommerce Conversion Rate mean?

The ecommerce conversion rate refers to the percentage of the people that visit your website and complete the action of making a purchase through it in a given timeframe.

Studies show that the average conversion rate for most e-commerce websites is 1%-2%. So the goal for your eCommerce conversion rate should be more than 2%.

A product page needs to be optimized enough for your user to be motivated to buy the product and not leave the page. So here are a few things you should take care of to get your users to stay and convert into to a buyer.

1. Easy Navigation

Imagine you enter a sports store, and everything is set up in a disarrayed manner. You are most likely to walk out of the store without even moving a step forward.

Similarly, if the user is not able to access what he needs, he will take no time to choose your competitor’s website over yours.

Use the navigation bar and the website design to ensure that it is comfortable for your users to find what they are searching for at any point in time.

Making your website easy to use for your consumers will make it more reliable for them. They might recommend it to others as well.

2. Product Image Quality

Just imagine your wedding pictures are not good enough to get framed or post due to the low quality of the image. This is how much it means for your product to have the right quality image.

High-quality images are necessary if you want to increase the product page conversions. Otherwise, they create disinterest in the minds of your customers immediately.

If the consumer can not see what the product actually looks like, they’re highly unlikely to buy that product.

You should provide your customers with zoomable and large images for better results. Also, provide them with pictures of the product from different angles for them to understand the look of the product better.

It will be highly advantageous if you can provide images with the context of how it looks in real life.

For example, if your product is a T-shirt, you can show a picture of a man wearing that T-shirt.

Something else you can do is provide them with a 360-degree image or a video of the product. It will increase the credibility of the product.

3. Product Description

Would you ever buy a cellphone without knowing its’ specifications? 

Product Description is essential for your customers to pick the right product for them. It helps them to choose the products they are looking for.

Make it a priority to include an informational and concise product description for the customers. Too lengthy descriptions might bore the customers, and there is a chance they might miss a few crucial points.

You need to try to provide relevant and essential features and specifications of your product in your description.

For example, if you’re selling a cellphone, you should mention the key features like Display, Camera, Battery, Memory, and Processor. You need to pick the specifications according to your product.

4. Refunds And Return Policy

While shopping online, one problem everyone faces is that they are not able to actually see or feel the product, which leaves a doubt in the mind of the customer of not being satisfied with the purchase they may make.

If their doubt overpowers their need for the product, they might not go ahead and buy the product in the first place.

If you provide the customers with a Refunds and Return Policy well in advance, i.e. before even ordering the product, this will definitely clear their doubt and lead to a successful shopping experience for them. 

5. Display Customer Reviews

Customer reviews build brand image and credibility. Who else to trust more than the person using the product?

Display your customer reviews for your products on your product page to increase the trust levels of your customers. Try not to place them on the least prominent part of the page, but somewhere where they’re visible to your customers.

You can highlight the excellent customer reviews, and they can help you convert your users into customers. Don’t worry about the bad reviews. Users appreciate it when you do not hide from them. However, too many bad reviews can be a matter of concern.

6. Provide Multiple Paying and Delivery Options

Nowadays, in this tech-savvy world, there are so many different ways for customers to make payments. This doesn’t necessarily mean that you need to accommodate all these methods on your website.

But avoiding some major payment gateways can lead to the loss of potential customers. So providing the few major payment gateways that you were missing might help you in retaining the customers you were losing out on.

Talking about delivery options, nobody wants to pay a large amount of money for shipping. So you need to create a balance between the cost and efficiency of your delivery.

If they are willing to pay for shipping, you should be able to deliver the product as soon as possible. If they’re ready to wait, you should be able to provide cheap or free delivery.

7. Visual Commerce Integration

The visual commerce platform helps you in maximizing your e-commerce sales and taking your website to the next level. There are visual commerce tools specially designed for e-commerce websites.

With the help of this and other tools, you can sync user-generated social media content to your website and make it more shoppable for them. It makes purchasing more fun for website visitors.

It also provides you with excellent features like:

  • Call-to-action buttons
  • Analytics 
  • Customizable themes
  • Moderation Panel for filtering your content
  • Custom CSS
  • Profanity Filter
  • Sentiment Analysis


So go ahead, implement these 6 easy steps on your website. They will not only make it more appealing to your customers, but also help you increase your eCommerce conversion rate.

These tips will help you enhance user engagement with your website, resulting in better performance all-round.

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