SEO Tips: How to Gain More Viewers on YouTube

Seo Services in the Philippines: How to Gain More Viewers on Youtube

Online marketer are forever trying to figure out how to gain more viewers on YouTube.

After all, the success of every YouTuber comes from the number of views that their videos get. The more views a video gets, the more publicity it experiences.

Just like Google, YouTube has its own search algorithm which ranks videos based on a number of factors.

Some of the factors are blatantly laid out by YouTube themselves, while others are as mysterious as Google themselves.

With that being said, digital marketing, particularly SEO services in the Philippines have already begun incorporating YouTube into their efforts.

Since YouTube is the second most visited website on the Internet (second only to Google), it’s considered to be more than just a social media site by many.

The weird thing is that a large majority of businesses, big and small, don’t even think of using YouTube when it comes to their marketing efforts.

It’s an opportunity that they’re definitely missing out on!

As mentioned above, a large part of the YouTube algorithm depends on how much views you get.

Unfortunately, getting views isn’t as easy as it seems to be.

On the brighter side, here’s a short guide on how to gain more viewers on YouTube, based on top-of-the-line SEO tips and techniques!

Basic SEO

YouTube is the world’s largest video search engine—it’s the Google of videos.

With that in mind, you can assume that most of the rules that govern search results are still usable on YouTube.

At the onset, it may seem to signal that you have to be able to optimize your videos in a very technical manner.

You’ll be surprised to learn that it’s fairly easy to do.

The most basic level of YouTube SEO can be seen in these three elements:

  1. Your Headlines – they should be relevant to what people are searching for. It’s the first thing that searchers will read after they’ve performed a search.
  2. The Thumbnails – the still image of your video should be attractive and relevant. People tend to click on thumbnails that truly attract their attention!
  3. Your Descriptions – the way you talk about your video on the description should be accurate and relevant to the search query.

You should have a good understanding of the main purpose of your video, the problem that it solves, and the niche that it targets.

This will help you formulate great titles and descriptions.

For your thumbnails, you have to ensure that they aren’t click bait.

They should set a level of expectation to potential viewers, so they know they’re going to get.

As simple as they may be, making sure that these three are as optimized as possible can help your videos rank higher, eventually leading to more views!

How to Gain More Viewers on YouTube: Capitalize on a Unique Niche

YouTube has experienced a great deal of expansion over the years.

Many content creators are already fighting for attention for all the major topics in every little niche.

Going toe-to-toe with the big channels flourish is a big no-no when starting out on YouTube.

The best thing that you can do is to go with the lesser known topics—those that have fewer searches, but also have fewer pieces of content to compete with.

Basically, the chances of your content getting seen when you make a video about the major topics are very low.

As long as you can get seen, and create content that people are looking for, that’s a major victory for you—this is why going for the lesser known topics is recommended!

Increase Audience Interaction

YouTube promotes videos that foster engagement between the content creator and the audience.

This can be seen in how many likes, shares, and subscriptions a video gets—but it also includes interactions such as simply replying to the comments of viewers.

Some tips to ensure that audience interaction happens is to include CTAs at the end of your videos.

Asking multiple choice questions is a very effective strategy because people are more than happy to give their opinion.

BUT they don’t like thinking of something to say.

You could also keep track and reply to as many comments as possible!

Actively engaging with your viewers through comments can lead to even more comments and views as well.

Your viewers themselves might recommend your videos to others just because of how active you are!

Consider Session Time

When it comes to time measurements that are important to YouTube’s algorithms, there are two that are widely known.

Audience Retention (the percentage of your videos that people watch) and Total Watch Time (the total amount of minutes that people have spent watching your videos.

Session time is most of the time forgotten because it doesn’t necessarily relate that much to your video SEO efforts unless you put a conscious effort to capitalize on it.

Session time is the total amount of time that people spend on YouTube AFTER watching your video.

The best option for this is for you to create playlists!

Playlists will automatically play other videos included in it—effectively increasing session time!

If because of your video, people spent more time on the website, YouTube rewards you by increasing your rankings and searchability!

Improve Watch Time

As mentioned above, watch time is also a very relevant factor when it comes to YouTube SEO factors.

It can be enhanced content-wise and through technicalities.

A good quality video is easier to watch and listen to.

Such videos are made high-quality thanks to many factors which an all be applied by any content creator.

When it comes to technicalities, you should ensure that your videos can be viewed at their highest possible qualities.

Clear sounds and great videos make for a pleasing video to watch. Subtitles, captions, camera angles, and cutaways make your content easier to digest.

When it comes to how you present your content, you should focus on improving on the way you explain your topic.

Make sure to explain the point of the video right from the start.

Tease some of the points you’ll be discussing and use rhetorical devices to keep your viewers interested!

Anyone can make a video explaining the importance of clothing and what not—but not everyone can do so effectively.

Key Takeaway

With the incorporation of video and YouTube in most of the SEO services in the Philippines, it’s only natural for both budding and seasoned SEO specialists to study how YouTube works.

Every YouTuber wants to how to gain more viewers on YouTube.

There are many techniques in achieving this goal just like the strategies mentioned above.

Make sure your YouTube videos get more views by continually and consistently applying these strategies!