Choosing an E-commerce Business Logistics: Points to Remember!

E-commerce business growth has taken a massive leap and all these logistics are putting forward their best efforts to match up with the industry standard.

An e-Commerce business is non-functional without a logistics. Therefore everyone who is having an e-commerce business is tying up with different logistics to ship their products to different parts of the country.

What is logistics?

A logistics is a supply chain that carries out various complex operations. They are a detailed organization who is responsible for implementing various processes. They help to manage the flow of things between the point of origin to the point of delivery.

e-commerce business logistics

A logistics fulfills the basic requirements and helps in outreaching your services all across the world. Thus, to all the e-commerce businesses out there, there are certain things that you need to keep in mind before choosing an e-commerce logistics.

By carrying out proper logistics research, you will be able to find the perfect logistics for you.

It will not only help you in establishing various marketing goals for your business but will also help you in ensuring customer retention and steady business growth.

This blog discusses the absolute most important factors that you need to keep in mind, before choosing logistics for your e-commerce business. Read on…

Know about their order fulfillment policy

The first thing that a logistics need to keep in mind is customer satisfaction. Being the base of any business, you need to keep in mind that how quickly will these logistics fulfill your order.

Delay in delivery reduces customer satisfaction, and you might eventually lose customers in the process. A good logistics must be able to successfully bridge the gap between sales and customers.

They must also be able to deliver the product at the doorstep of the customer.

The accuracy and the efficiency are also important and hence a logistics should also be able to send products faster with increased efficiency to customers, and lower the overall shipping costs.


Know about their method that will suit your e-commerce business

This is very important as various e-commerce businesses face a lot of refunds and return request due to poor functioning of the logistics. Ask a logistics what are steps that are involved in the entire process.

If you don’t want to take risks, find a company that confirms on the product shipment details before shipment. Make sure that they have a separate NDR team to handle for the non-delivery issues.

With the use of technology and artificial intelligence, these logistics should be able to eradicate all return and refund requests.

Get the pricing details before choosing logistics for your e-commerce business

Whenever you are calling up a logistics, make sure you understand their pricing scheme clearly. The quote they provide must be transparent and should not contain any hidden charges.

Also, know about their terms and conditions and the service package timings. Get a detailed break up and make sure that they don’t increase the price after a few months.

Ask them if the pricing consists of the transportation and the warehouse charges.

If you feel that the logistics are not transparent enough, we suggest that you don’t go for their service. This is because poor logistics services will impact your overall business.


Never go for subcontractors when it comes to e-commerce business

Many companies who claim to provide logistics services often do not do it by themselves. They hire sub-contractors to deliver the product on your behalf.

In such cases, if something goes wrong, it will really become difficult to communicate and this will give rise to a lot of chaos and confusion.

If there are any instances where there has been a non-delivery, you won’t be able to contact the carrier.

This will affect your e-commerce business quality and you will eventually lose potential customers. If you go for genuine logistics, you will be able to track everything at any time of the day.

Check how much load can your logistics handle

There are times when there are huge demands of the products, especially during the festive and the holiday seasons. So how much load will your logistics be able to handle?

Will they be able to deliver unlimited products for your e-commerce business during peak season? Do they have proper management to take care that the entire process goes down smoothly?

If a logistics cant takes load during peak season then it is pointless to go for that particular organization.

India is a festive country and it is needless to say that there is a rush for the most part of the year. If you feel that your logistics is capable enough we say that you go for it.

A good logistics will not only deliver your products successfully but will also keep you updated with everything.

Check on their inventory management

A good logistics must maintain a physical inventory. Check how they are managing the same. Good inventory management is a key to success.

It will ensure a good distribution system and also help you check what stock do you have in the warehouse. Other than this, also check on the spacing in case you expand your product count.

In such a case, your logistics should be able to provide you with added space.

Check for their geographic location

Always be aware of the physical presence of your logistics. This will help you track them during any sort of mishaps.  It will also help you to be convinced enough about the genuineness of the organization.

They should have a good transportation system to carry all the fragile products and never deliver a damaged product. Ask them how they work on e-commerce integration.

If they have a good communication mode, then it will become easier for you to work with them. Hence this is a very crucial factor that needs to be determined before choosing an e-commerce logistics.

They should be technologically advanced to handle your e-commerce business

An e-commerce logistics should be technologically compatible enough to help the employees scan and ship different products.

There should be a detailed record maintenance system that will help you track your products, inventory and customer base. They must provide mobile location services for an instant update They should also cut down on service calls.

Ask your logistics if they maintain for a proper dashboard for warehouse inventory tracking as it is very important for maintaining stock.

The Conclusion

Thus, these are the few points that you need to keep in mind before choosing a logistics. Your money is valuable and we don’t want you to waste it behind any fraud organization.

Take your time. Do your research and go for the right one. Keep in mind that everything you do will affect you in the long term.

So choose wisely and you will never have to regret later.

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