10 Mind-Blowing Facts That You Should Know about Shopify Plus

shopify plusThanks to the fast-growing retail channels, people have become creative on how to further increase their sales.

There are ways in which you can ensure that you stay relevant in the business sector, including hiring an excellent company to take care of database solutions.

There are many such companies including Remote DBA. More information can be found on their site at remoteDBA.com. Everything is becoming digitalized including businesses.

This has been made possible by the emergence of online platforms that allow you to sell to clients all over the world. One such platform is Shopify Plus.

Before getting into it, below are some facts you should know about it.

1. Shopify Plus definition

Shopify plus is an e-commerce platform for merchants and brands that is a fully hosted enterprise. It was founded by Daniel Weinand, Tobias Lutke and Scott Lake in 2004 .

They noticed a gap in the provision of e-commerce products across the market. Hence, they developed Shopify.

Originally, it had three plans; Basic, Shopify and Advanced. However, they noticed that those three plans were not properly fulfilling the needs of the market.

It became harder to compete with other e-commerce companies that offered the better feature. This led to the emergence of Shopify Plus. It is highly trusted by brands worldwide.

2. Business growth

Sometimes your e-commerce business may stagnate, despite your best efforts. Shopify plus provides you with a platform to increase your business sales.

All you need to do is register with them and get started on growing your business to the next level.

According to forbes.com, there are many add-ons that can help make your life easier immediately you have a Shopify store. Such add-ons are to help you manage your store better and give your customers the best.

This app helps you to grow your business because it gives you access to customers you wouldn’t have met if you had a local store. It expands your clientele.

This exposes you to different cultures worldwide and even allows you to meet a variety of people.

3. Large space

Thanks to the improvement on the original Shopify app, Shopify Plus offers a large bandwidth. There is no limit to the number of goods you can sell.

Furthermore, it can handle as many orders as possible per minute without crashing. You no longer have to worry about your space. You can have a large inventory and showcase it all at the same time without waiting to decrease.

With Shopify Plus, you get 2 terabytes worth of storage all for you. The amount of space provided to you allows you to expand your business easily as time moves.

This accelerates business growth with an increase in sales. With the help of the tools at your disposal on the site, you are in a better position to make your dream of having a successful business come through.

4. Analytical

Shopify Plus provides reports and analytical features that help you to know how best to improve your store in order to satisfy your customers.

This information is boosted by Google’s Enhanced E-commerce Analytics engine and helps you understand your customers and their needs.

It is helpful in providing insight as to what they need at a particular time. It could help you understand your customer trends and ways in which you can adapt accordingly.

All this information is key to helping you run a better business that ensures customer satisfaction at all times. Information is power.

It prevents you from making mistakes that could have been avoided if the proper research would have been done. You can avoid using the trial and error method and go straight to what has been proven to work.

5. Excellent work ethic

Shopify Plus is trusted by very many merchants and brands worldwide. It is therefore expected that the people who work there are the best.

According to the nytimes.com, in an interview with Tobi Lutke, one of the founders of Shopify, he stated that they hire their employees based on their ability to make decisions at profound moments in their lives.

Since the app hosts thousands of merchants, it is only sensible that its employees are capable of making the right decisions at a moment’s notice.

He further said that the company works on the basis of giving feedback. This is important because you are assured that the management has everything handled.

It is a well-known fact that the basis of a great business is employee satisfaction. If they are comfortable, there is a high chance that they will cater to you better.

6. Pricing

Shopify plus provides a platform for the merchants to access people from all over the globe. For that reason, they have provided an avenue for the merchants to receive payment in different ways.

This is due to the difference in currencies all over the world. Payments can be made in terms of Bitcoin and through PayPal and other gateways.

It has also made the negotiation of credit card rates possible through paying via Shopify Plus.

It has helped merchants overcome the language barriers by ensuring they can conduct business in other languages as well. Shopify Plus has helped bridge the gap by making goods sold on its app available globally.

7. Customer care

There is staff that is always on call. They can help to manage your online store for you in case you have any issue arising.

The employees are dedicated to helping you improve your online store and making it better so that you can boost your sales.

This, in turn, is bound to help you to increase the amount of profit that you are making. Should you encounter any problems, there is no need to be alarmed.

You can get access to priority assistance by making a phone call to them or writing them an e-mail. They will sort it out for you as soon as possible.

You can be sure that you have 24/7 support.

8. Customization

Shopify plus offers responsive screen designs and features for all. You can design your store the way you want it to look. It can be in any way that helps to promote your brand.

It has numerous designs that can help you create the best layout for your company. It offers you the opportunity to create an amazing layout that can help you attract your customers.

The beautiful layout that you end up choosing could be of great help in making your customers more interested in what you are selling.

You can give them the ultimate shopping experience whenever they are looking around your store.

9. Cost-effective

The app saves merchants a lot of money that they could be spent paying for local stores. This is true even if you factor the costs of maintenance of the Shopify store that you have opened.

Being online saves you money in rent and labor. Instead of opening various stores in different parts of the city, you can concentrate on having an online store and maybe a storage yard for your goods.

After making a transaction, you can simply mail or ship the goods to the client.

You don’t need many people to help you in the maintenance of such a business. For that reason, you may end up saving money that could have been used to pay them.

Such money can be reinvested into your business to help increase your goods.

10. Security

Shopify plus has a thick layer of security that protects both the merchants and the clients. It uses continuous risk management techniques to ensure that both parties are kept safe at all times.

It is hard to be stolen from as they take strict measures to ensure that everybody feels safe at all times. It also uses annual on-site compliance to evaluate its protective features and rectify what is missing.

Most people fear online platforms because they are scared of being scammed and led astray.

However, given the number of merchants that have trusted Shopify plus enough to use it, it may be safe to say that they take security very seriously.

Therefore, as an entrepreneur looking for a place to sell his goods, you can be sure that you are safe.


Shopify plus has very many benefits that could help solve some of the troubles that a business faces on a daily basis.

It is a worthy consideration. You can increase the number of sales you make and increase your sales.

According to wikipedia.org, over 600,000 merchants were using the Shopify platform by August of 2017, having a gross merchandise volume of over $55 billion.

If you are a person who has a large business entity and is struggling to find the right online platform that can accommodate you without any problems, Shopify Plus is right for you.

Thanks to its improved features, a lot of business owners can conduct business smoothly. It definitely offers a lot that can be of great value when running a successful online store.

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