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The global market has undergone many changes over the years. Because of this, changes and adaptations are always happening in any digital marketing agency.

Philippines Digital Marketing Agency Predictions

The Philippines has many of these agencies that have continually kept up with the global market. They have predicted the trends that will become relevant for the years to come.

The rapid transformation of the digital marketing industry makes it hard for smaller businesses in the industry to keep up and stay updated with the latest news.

With that in mind, this article will help you get familiar with the most relevant digital marketing trends of 2018.

Video Marketing

Sales and marketing have now become an industry that revolves around the buyer. Companies need to cater to what their customers want.

As much as possible, the content being made should be appealing to the target audience. Even better, the content should be something that is easy to digest for the buyers.

In today’s age, Buyers prefer video instead of simple pictures or texts.

Making the buyers’ journey easier. That is what most companies strive for, and the use of videos definitely contributes to it.

Brand Story Telling

Everyone loves a good story. Stories, when told right, can attract the attention of anyone who is listening.

The same goes for marketing. Telling the story of your brand the right way will let you appeal to the emotions of your potential buyers.

It is no longer effective to bombard every piece of your content with a large amount of information. Consumers who see these content will only get overwhelmed with it.

Marketing professionals now need to ease in the customer. Make learning about a product or service an enjoyable experience.

Consumers today want intimacy in their transactions. They prefer things which they can relate to.

When successful branding efforts, you can easily make your brand’s reputation relatable for most, if not all, of your customers.

User-generated Content

A great way of enhancing a brand’s reputation or the brand story is by making use of user-generated content.

This kind of content comes in the form of social media posts and primarily, reviews.

This user-generated content are very useful because they mostly tell how your product or service has successfully satisfied one of your customers.

Reviews are one of the best ways to entice potential customers into trying out your product.

These reviews are usually very relateable to the customer and tell the story of your brand from the perspective of a customer.

Reviews have the potential to cause an exponential growth in your sales, especially if you make use of micro influencers in social media.

A big part of the power of user-generated content comes from social media.

It is the age of social media, where anything and everything can be posted on a social media platform such as Facebook, twitter, and Instagram.

These websites produce an incredible amount of traffic, that makes it an incredible market to tap into.

As stated above, one of the best way to use social media is by letting micro influencers review your product or service in a particular platform.

Micro influencers are usually people who have earned a big following in their social media accounts.

Some are simple people who have made a name for themselves by doing this, while others are actors and actresses who have been famous for a long time.

The point is, by getting the help of these micro influencers, you can increase your brand awareness multiple times, though it is largely based on the number of followers the micro influencer has.

The utilization of micro influencers is just one of the many strategies involved in making the most of user-generated content.


Artificial Intelligence has come a long way ever since it was first introduced. For marketing efforts, AI is utilized through chatbots.

These chatbots have become a common instrument to help websites function more efficiently.

Chatbots act as a secondary, sometimes primary, customer service provider for websites.

Because they are automated, they reduce the risk of customers experiencing a customer-service-nightmare, or basically waiting for the customer service representative and getting mediocre help.

Though the technology is nowhere near perfect, companies have still chosen to embrace its many helpful features.


Even with the increasing preference of mobile internet access, some companies still do not optimize their websites for mobile use.

People nowadays surf the net through mobile means more than through an actual desktop or laptop.

Through mobilification, a website can become something that customers can easily view on the go. This is important because most of the time people search things on the move.

Mobilification may also include the use of text messaging. Basically, as long as it can be done on the mobile phone, it is part of mobilization.

With the culture of most people today, always having their phones on hand no matter what the occasion, putting efforts to increase marketing reach through mobile is predicted to yield plenty of benefits.

Voice Search

Along with the growing reliance to mobile, people has also generated a preference of using voice automated applications.

With the introduction and improvements of voice automatons such as the Amazon Alexa and the old iPhone Siri, there will come a time when search optimization will be done with appealing to robots as a priority.

When the time comes, the search engine optimization industry will take a drastic turn, especially with the difference in how results are digested by voice search software.

The best thing that businesses can do to be prepared for this is to keep an eye on it and plan ahead.

Interactive Content

Let’s face it, reading is not something everybody enjoys doing. Reading about products and services can become boring for the majority of customers, making them lose their interest.

You now have to find a way to attract the attention of potential customers, as well as maintain their interest in what you are offering.

With that being said, there are many kinds of gimmicks that you can do to accomplish this.

To reiterate a previous point, there should always be a focus on what the buyer experiences while they are pondering whether to buy your product or service.

Companies have come in terms with making most of their content interactive, some go as far as creating polls to ask what their customers want, while others add quizzes and games into their content.


It is not enough for your business to just be the best at a certain product or service, you also need to establish a sense of relevance to your consumers.

In a growing market filled with innovative ideas and unconventional processes, you have to make sure that you continually stand out and be on the limelight.

Just like how some SEO companies say it- “If you’re not part of the first 10 search results in google, you are irrelevant.”

Key Takeaway

Through the years, the marketing world is continually evolving.

Because of the ever-changing mentality of the consumers, digital marketing agencies don’t have the luxury to rest and be satisfied with today’s successful trends.

Keep updated with the latest digital marketing trends and make sure that your company is always one step ahead!

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