How to Beautify Your Product Review Article in WordPress

product review articleThere are two kinds of blogs; one that garners views and another that doesn’t. One is a plain blog with non-appealing looks and the other is a beautiful visual blog that attracts visitors.

Obviously, the second kind of blog is what you want. When it comes to your product review article, you need to be extra accurate and cautious regarding your content and presentation.

There are many points you need to consider when you are beautifying your product review article on your WordPress blog.

You need to keep in mind the flow of content. Not to mention, the important features of the product, its pros and cons and making it visually appealing for your website visitors.

Steps to Beautify Your WordPress Product Review Article

Select Only One Product of a Particular Brand

This is the foremost basic thing to keep in mind when writing a product review article.

For example, if you are writing about the Canon EOS 750D Camera, then write only about that. Don’t try to include the aspects of the Nikon D3400 Camera with almost similar features to the above one in your article.

The focus should be kept directed only on that particular product. If you are comparing any product with its previous version, then do that in later points and not at the beginning.

So you can compare different versions of the same product. For example, if you are writing about the iPhone 6S, then you can include some points about the iPhone 6.

But including another brand’s product features in comparison will make your article less focused on the topic.

So, choose your products wisely, use them first if possible, do proper research, and only then write your product review article.

Add a Pros and Cons Table in Your Blog

Writing pros and cons for any product is very important. Most of us don’t want to read long blog posts and find the graphics appealing. WP Pros and Cons Table is a powerful plugin for creating such tables for product reviews.

It gives us a quick summary of the products highlighting all the important features at once. The plugin mentioned above is a must have plugin for all product review websites.

Pros and cons

Img Src: joomdev

We first download and install the plugin on our WordPress blog. Then go to the plugin and a settings tab will get opened.

Here we can edit our Call to Action button by changing the background color and border color, etc. Then we have to create our table.

Short code is integrated in the plugin so that anyone without any prior coding knowledge can design their pros and cons table.

We add a title to our table and there is no limit on adding the number of points in pros and cons fields. We can also alter the functionalities of our Call to Action button.

Always Go With a Premium Theme

Yes, no matter the cost, premium themes are always the first choice when it comes to blogging. You miss out on a lot of features when you select free themes.

Premium themes help in optimizing your blog for better SEO. If you select a free theme, like the default WordPress theme, then you don’t have access to many automation features.

Themes by Envato, ThemeForest and MyThemeShop are a few that provide awesome premium themes for your WordPress blog.

Moreover, premium themes are a must when your blog grows popular and gets more traffic every day. Premium themes help you grow your blog and help in converting your visitors to customers.

Also, premium themes have far better layouts than the default themes. Whenever someone visits your premium-themed website, it instantly catches their attention.

Break Your Review into a Proper Introduction, Description and Conclusion

You should not write any product reviews in a haphazard manner with no proper article structure.

You need to write the product introduction first, describe it in detail and then always conclude it with your final thoughts.

Generally, the description paragraph is written in more detail with all the technical information. The introduction is kept short, giving the audience an overview of what the article is all about.

Remember, there is a difference between a summary and a conclusion. A summary is the gist of the article you wrote, highlighting the technical details of the product.

Whereas, a conclusion is your personal note of that product after using it. Draft a rough outline of your article first, break it into the above mentioned sections and then publish your article.

Optimize Your Website with Relevant Keywords

Not only are keywords necessary for a better Google rank for your blog, but also make your website appealing and attractive to every unique visitor who visits your blog.

You need to have the right keywords in your blog post – and the right amount, which is otherwise known as keyword density.

This will make your content SEO friendly and will also engage your visitors in reading your blog.

For example, if you are writing a blog post about Apple laptop reviews, then there are certain keywords that should be included, like apple laptops, apple laptop price, MacBook and iMac.

This gives your blog better, readable content.

Add Graphics for Better Branding

Pictures speak louder than words. If the graphics are attractive, we tend to visit that blog more often. And this will eventually increase the traffic and will make the blog more popular.

Also, it helps in branding in that niche, which is very important for any website or blogger.

Create a logo for your WordPress site and get it copyrighted. This logo will give your blog a unique identity. Having a copyrighted logo gives you a brand name in the market.

For example, if you have a creative logo for your technical website which reviews mobile phones, it will distinguish you from other mobile review sites like

Add 3 to 4 photos of your product at every possible angle so that your visitors get a better look of the product that they are reading about.

Add Review Videos

Videos are trending everywhere. If we observe, YouTube is also used as a search engine after Google.

In the product reviews niche, engaging videos are being uploaded on YouTube every day. There are many plugins that will let you upload videos on your blog post. One such plugin is “Featured Video Plus”.

Here is the best example of a review video. Try something out of the box.

You can upload videos from YouTube, Vimeo and Dailymotion. Videos makes your blog more appealing and engaging to your visitors.

In fact, you can be actually unboxing any product, be it mobile phones, a camera or a gaming laptop, and using and reviewing it right there.

What better authenticity can you give to your viewers than this?

Wrapping Up

So do you see how these little tips and tricks can make your product review website a successful one?

It is not only important for just beautifying your site, but also for the overall user experience of your audience.

Adding a pros and cons table is not only a plus point, but also a necessity in your product review article.

And the WP Pros and Cons table plugin is the most effective tool for this purpose: it is easy to use and integrate with your blog post.

Adding a responsive and appealing pros and cons table for listing out pros and cons makes your blog post incredibly attractive to your visitors.


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