How to target your local consumers through Facebook Ads

Facebook ads local business targetingFacebook ads have replaced the old days when targeting local consumers was a cumbersome affair. Distributing pamphlets, posting classifieds over newspapers, sharing visiting cards, going customer to custumer etc, now things have turned extremely easier.

Thanks to social media. Yup, social media for local businesses these days is no less than a blessing which has taken local businesses to the next level. If you are an entrepreneur who is struggling your local business to specifically targeted customers then you have all the good reasons to do that so.

So what you have to do? Nothing, just sit and relax. All you need is just take on the Facebook ads. Facebook, among all social media websites is one of the most trusted and broader platform which helps you immensely to get you the visibility within your selected demography. You can target your customers by country, cities, and areas even by streets as well.

So if you are restaurant for instance, and want to promote your business consumers within a certain area you can easily do that without overspending your hard-earned money through monotonous advertising.

Targeting local costumers through local online Facebook ads

Earlier, when Facebook was launched in 2004, it started off by advertising using flyers in their marketplace where people were able to buy, as well as sell items. Since that time, we have seen vast improvements to that platform, especially with local business customer targeting.

There are over forty million active Facebook business pages where around 2 million out of those run paid advertising campaigns. Facebook ads/advertising enables businesses to target local audience, and reach people near their business and even raise the audience at their event.

The first option which you should opt for is, “Reach People Nearby Your Place of Business”. You can utilize this for a click to website ad campaign. This option allows you to freely use their map functionality to identify the geographical area that you want to target through ads specified by gender, locations, and ages.

This may be advantageous for the audience who may be visiting your location from other places.

Choose your Ad type you want use

Go to your Facebook ads manager and click on “create ad”, you can use any type of Facebook ad to target your local audience. Then select the objective of your ad which verifies the objective of your ad. Choose your goals and what exactly you want to promote.

They are specifically designed for the local marketers. Just pinpoint your required geographic area for the audience in your targeting options.

Set up your targeted locations

If you have chosen “Reach People Near Your Business” option then there is that handy map function you can use. It will pick your target location and highlight the areas where you want to promote your ads.

You can also change the location as per your comfort by dragging circle around the map or by entering an address in the box below it. Your targeting can be specified as per the country and even the postal addresses.

General Tips about Local Customer Facebook Marketing ROI

  • In order to increase the amount of your local followers through Facebook ads, you will have to spend time engaging with your perfect audience. It will lead to an extra layer of trust with your customers.
  • Normally, a local Facebook ad will cost you less than a dollar to maximize your ROI. Just keep testing out the variations of your ads as you go along.
  • For the best possible results, scrutinize your Facebook insights report to see what’s actually working best for you.

For more valuable tips, you can also consult the official Facebook marketers from the Facebook team. Alternatively, take a look at esteemed Facebook marketer, Andrea Vahl’s online Facebook marketing course. You should be able to get a really good grasp of things there.

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