8 Ways to Drive Blog Traffic Using Snapchat for Business

Snapchat allows you to share brief videos with your selected audience with the biggest appeal stemming from the fact that these messages self-destruct within 24 hours, reducing clutter on your smartphone.

The user base is more than 5 million strong, which means that it is an ideal platform for using Snapchat for business to promote products or other content due to such a wide audience.

This also means that it is an ideal way to drive traffic to your blog, provided that you use it correctly. Here are some ways you can drive more traffic to your blog using Snapchat for business purposes:

1. Give Your Readers A Sneak Peek

If you are working on a big project, you can intrigue your readers by giving them a behind the scenes look into what they can expect in the future. That way, your readers will know that something big is coming up, and they will rush to your blog to find out what it is.

Take care though to release the sneak peek close to the big day when the blog post is due to be published. Otherwise your audience will forget by the time the blog is finally up and the excitement will die down.

2. Take A Q&A Session

Snapchat is, by its very nature, less interactive than other forms of social media, such as Facebook and Twitter, but you can still turn it around to make it interactive.

Ask your fans questions through Snapchat and encourage them to answer them through your blog. Or, you can ask them to leave behind their questions that you will address in your blog.

3. Show Your Real Self

The best part about Snapchat is that it is spontaneous and completely natural. Show your true colors: your face full of acne scars, your big nerdy glasses-anything that makes you who you are and your business what it is.

This makes you much more relatable than the avatar you adopt on your blog, Instagram or Facebook where everything is Photoshopped.

4. Show Yourself Scrolling Through Your Blog Post

Using Snapchat for Business

Using Snapchat for Business

Get a snap of your computer screen and show your audience that you are scrolling through the latest entry on your blog post. This will tip them off that there is something that they need to read.

Do take care when it comes to speed though; do not scroll so slowly that your audience will get time to read your posts, and do not scroll so fast that they will miss what has happened completely.

5. Give A Little Teaser In Your Video

Mention an interesting tidbit from your blog, in a “Did you know?” style. Or you could give a teaser, for example, “In my latest blog post, I discuss…” and conclude by asking them to visit your blog or website for more information.

Similarly, you could also share a picture of the product you are talking about in your blog and redirect your readers to your website to find out more information. This is an excellent way of using Snapchat for business.

Generate buzz by taking advantage of the short-lived nature of Snapchat messages.–The self-destructing nature of the messages adds a sense of urgency and excitement that you can bank on to drive traffic to your website or blog.

6. Announce An Upcoming Contest

You can always announce a contest or a special promotion you are planning, and tell your readers to look for clues or instructions (your call) in your upcoming blog post.

If the contest is interesting enough, readers will immediately flock to your website to see what you mean.

7. Announce Discounts Or Special Offers For A Product You Are Selling

Nothing drives traffic like the opportunity to save a bit of money. You can, for example, announce that you are offering a 20 percent discount on a certain product, but that anyone watching your video should visit your blog to see what it is.

Keep it vague enough to pique their interest, but do not be so vague that they lose interest altogether. Also, do not reveal too many details as otherwise there will be no reason for your viewers to visit your blog.

This approach is an excellent strategy for using Snapchat for business and it will also work for any limited offers or special promotions you are trying to conduct.

8. Organize A Scavenger Hunt

Yes, it’s totally possible! You can announce a game on your Snapchat video and ask your viewers to find the clues on your blog or your website. This will not only generate the traffic you want, but also make your creativity obvious to your customers.

Just remember to make it quick, snappy and completely spontaneous, otherwise your viewers will quickly lose faith in you.


The only limit to using Snapchat for business to drive traffic to your blog or website is your own imagination. Keep things fun and engaging, as well as natural, and you will see the results in no time.

How do you like my eight tips above on using Snapchat for business to generate blog traffic?

Did I miss anything? Please let us all know by sending your comment in below. 🙂

About the Author:

Skornia Alison works as a social media analyst for an essay writing service, Essay Valley. Due to her expertise in the field, she’s into exploring and analyzing you trends and techniques on how digital social connectivity can be best put to use in diverse markets.

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Using Snapchat for Business

Using Snapchat for Business





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