A SnapChat Instagram Comparison: 5 Ways they Differ

A SnapChat Instagram Comparison

A SnapChat Instagram Comparison

Social media platforms (i.e., SnapChat Instagram) and the digital world are constantly evolving. Within the space of a few months, you’ll notice that some new social media innovation suddenly pops up and takes over the news like wildfire.

Automatically, it attracts the attention of millions of people worldwide and then people religiously follow the new contraption. And this constant evolution and opening up of new avenues creates a lot of opportunity for the growing digital market and its fans.
When we talk about new and innovative avenues, we must not forget the current hot online thoroughfare, which is ongoing and still in its growing stages. That avenue has not reached its peak yet and is none other than SnapChat.

The SnapChat Instagram Story

SnapChat was a project initiated by two students at Stanford University, namely Evan Spiegel and Bobby Murphy, as a simple video messaging platform. And since then, it has seen tremendous growth.

Initially, Snapchat was believed to have attracted 500 million views and more than 700 million photos were shared every day. And since then, it has surpassed that figure and it’s constantly growing.

In this blog post, I am going to do a SnapChat Instagram comparison, whereby I will talk about a few ways Snapchat is different from its direct competitor: the social media photo sharing application, Instagram.

A SnapChat Instagram Comparison: Functionality Differences

To start with, both the platforms and applications differ completely in terms of functionality. That is, Snapchat operates in a completely different way than Instagram.

When you create a Snapchat message, you have two options: one is to share a picture or a video with particular friends where that message will only stay up for 24 hours; second is to post that message under the “My Story” tab. Here your message will remain there for more than 24 hours and it will feature on all of your friend’s news feed windows.

Whereas with Instagram, a picture or a video can be seen publicly unless your user is on private and only can be deleted by the user manually.

The similarity here with both applications, however, is that both support only a 15-second video clip if it is a video message.

A SnapChat Instagram Report: Sharing Differences

Snapchat personal messages can only be shared amongst friends or people who are in your Snapchat user list.

This means that the ability to hashtag your posts, like in Instagram, and make them appear in the trending topics of the world, is not there.

In that sense, Snapchat is more of a private and restricted platform as compared to Instagram. Thus, people who consider privacy as their priority might like Snapchat better than Instagram.

A Snapchat Instagram Model Difference: Paid vs Free

Snapchat is now trying to attract big brands as it features stories globally. The likes of PR brands and newspapers, like The Daily Mail and Cosmopolitan, are now a regular part of Snapchat.

Moreover, advertising on Snapchat is already on a paid model which varies in price from 0.99 cents to $1 per view.

Whereas, Instagram is still in the process of introducing a paid advertising model which will make it a proper commercial application.

If and when they do this, they will become a social media platform more in line with the likes of Facebook.

Another SnapChat Instagram Comparison: Who Has the Most Users?

Instagram has already exceeded more than 400 million users globally, with the likes of some of the most popular, in fact, all Hollywood and other celebrities regularly posting alluring parts of their personal lives on the platform.

Snapchat is currently a growing market whereby people are gradually trying to understand this avenue and are joining the party.

It has been reported that Snapchat’s user base is over 100 million, so this application has a good few less users than Instagram. However, some people think that figure may actually be closer to 200 million users.

A Snapchat Instagram Study: Regarding Brands

When you look at Snapchat, you can see that it features lots of different PR and media-related brands compared to Instagram, which relies more upon consumer-related brands and endorsements.

Pages like Taste Made are present on the SnapChat app. This means that Snapchat could be a platform where you will see lots of PR and media-related activity in the future.

If consumer brands have to integrate themselves, then they might also have to advertise or run a campaign along these lines.


When all is said and done, Snapchat is more about viewing something and then forgetting about it, while Instagram is more geared towards making something a memory by constantly reinforcing the message.

The 24-hour validity of a Snapchat message proves its uniqueness when it comes to content sharing. If new brands are going to advertise on Snapchat, they will need to consider the validity of message life on this platform.

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Christiana Antiga is the author of this blog post. Christiana works for a social media agency as an Account Manager for over two years now. He likes to regularly post online blogs for people to read on the website write my paper – buyessaytoday.com

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A SnapChat Instagram Comparison

A SnapChat Instagram Comparison




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