8 Effective SEO Tactics to Improve Your Ecommerce Site Conversion

improve ecommerce site conversion
As E-commerce business is increasing globally, entrepreneurs create E-commerce websites to connect with a larger audience using the global Internet and push their sales.

However, in the digital landscape, the volume of your sales largely depends on your site’s visibility on search engines.

If your site appears prominently on major search engines with key terms, you get a fair amount of business opportunities. In case, your site performs poorly in the SERPs of search engines, your E-commerce business is affected badly.

So, what helps you to secure a respectable and dominant position in search engine results? It’s SEO. Basically, it’s a practice of optimizing your site for getting better ranks on search engines.

It helps website owners to generate free and organic traffic to their sites and then try to meet the ultimate objectives of their web-based businesses.

Are you worried that your E-commerce site is not performing fairly in the SERPs of search engines? Are you looking for SEO tricks to optimize your site very well and boost its conversion rate?

If yes, then you are at the right place. Just wade through the essential SEO tips pointed out here below:

1. Take Care of Your Site’s Quality

You must always remember that search engine giant Google thinks about your site’s quality and usefulness to visitors when it looks for web pages to display the results against the user’s terms.

While inspecting your site, Google uses a number of metrics such as website design and layout, loading speed, navigation, coding of pages, etc.

So, before optimizing your site, make sure that your website is up-to-date from all angles. It helps you to implement the different practices of SEO easily and gain the desired results.

You can use certain tools to trace shortcomings in your site and make improvements accordingly.

If you operate a Magento E-commerce site, it will be better for you to get your website checked by an expert Magento development company or individual Magento developers.

They can easily revamp your site and make it ready for SEO.

2. Create and Publish Quality Content Regularly

The ranking of your site depends on the quality of content you publish on your site. Google and other search engines always look for up-to-date, valuable, and SEO-optimized content to provide buyers the best results for their search terms.

So, you should create user-friendly content and publish it on your site regularly. If it happens, search engine crawlers visit your site frequently, index the newly added pages and display them in search results.

This helps you to grow your sales up to a great extent. In order to convince buyers, you should publish various types of contents on your site at regular intervals.

To make your content more appealing to users, you can try the following options:

  • Use Google AdWords, conduct research, and find high-volume keywords under your niche. It will help you to cover all areas of your E-commerce business and attract a large number of people towards your site,
  • Review the keywords used by your competitors and see what they are doing to target the audience. Get relevant ideas from their sites to create more emphatic keywords for your E-commerce business
  • Make your content interesting for visitors by adding relevant images, videos, titles, subtitles, links, etc.

3. Edit Permalinks

Whenever you publish new content on your site, default URLs are created. You should optimize the default URLs and make them simple and user-friendly.

The fact is that search engines and visitors, both are sceptical about visiting unoptimized URLs.

As a result, you get low clicks on such pages. Upon editing, search engines visit your website or its pages easily and display them in search results.

As a result, you get more clicks on your site and have more chance for the lead generation.

4. Use Social Media Channels in SEO Exercise

Different social media channels are the meeting point of the like-minded people for the exchange of ideas and thoughts.

You can use the huge audience available on different social media channels to promote your E-commerce site on the web and improve sales.

A solid presence on prominent social media channels is also considered by Google when it determines the ranking and usability of your E-commerce site for visitors.

So, create a dominant presence on main social media channels. Make social media groups and invite your audience to be a part of those groups.

Share all important activities of your site on social media channels and increase your chances of lead generation.

For instance, using Magento extensions, you can add social media channels to your site and share your content on social media channels for more exposure and SEO benefits.

5. Adopt a Clear Backlinking Strategy

A backlink points to your site from another website and helps you to gain a higher ranking on search engines and business worth millions of bucks.

Therefore, you must have a well-defined backlinking strategy to boost your E-commerce sales.

In general, you can find out blogs and websites (in your niche) that have high PR (page rank) and relevance in the eyes of Google & get your content published.

It drives traffic to your site in abundance and helps you meet your SEO goals easily.

6. Use Meta Descriptions

Metadata is displayed in search engine results. It helps search engines to understand your content easily.

A good quality meta description can help your E-store to gain better visibility on search engines. It also helps visitors to get a preliminary idea about your website content and take the decision whether to visit your site or not.

Write high-quality meta-data for each and every post you publish on your site. You can include your main keywords and terms to increase its effectiveness.

You should keep the meta description length under 155 to 160 characters.

7. Optimize Images

Images are widely used on E-commerce websites to attract buyers and improve the presentation of text content. But, the problem is that many entrepreneurs don’t optimize images.

As a result, they don’t get SEO benefits of images. Moreover, their sites become slow because of unoptimized images.

So, whenever you add images to your E-commerce site, use the right image format, compress its size and add relevant ALT attributes to them.

It helps you to increase page views of your site or its pages and you get more business opportunities

8. Review Your SEO Campaigns Regularly

Entrepreneurs and E-retailers run SEO campaigns regularly to obtain a better placement on search engines and promote their sales.

You must also know that Google releases its algorithm updates from-time-to-time. It makes old SEO tactics irrelevant and instructs webmasters to use the new SEO tips for website optimization.

So, you should install Google Analytics on your site and keep a close eye on the effectiveness of your SEO campaigns.

It will help you to know the latest updates in SEO technology and the areas where you need to work to improve your sales and achieve other targets.

Final Words

Generating sufficient sales is must for all entrepreneurs who run E-commerce websites.

Applying the above-mentioned SEO tips can help you to improve your site’s SEO ranking and sales easily and quickly.

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