19 Ways Infographics Can Increase Your Productivity

infographic productivityInfographics.

Those mega images that convey some type of communication using images and text within one single display.

Most all business people love them, but did you know that they can increase productivity?

They can.  Let’s find out how.

What Makes a Business

Many things, but as it relates to the development of the human equation I’d like to suggest 4 major components.

  1. Individuals
  2. Teams
  3. Entire Companies
  4. Customers / Clients

Within these spheres, we can see exactly how infographics increase productivity.


1. Convenience

What other resource puts everything together so succinctly as an Infographic does.  When a process map is created into an infographic it can be posted on each person’s wall making the referencing of it extremely easy.

What other ways would you use to streamline the convenience of an Infographic?

Please share your thoughts in the comments below.

2. Order

Making sure that everyone is on the same page at the same time brings order from what otherwise could be chaos.  This order will inevitably result in everyone involved becoming much more productive all thanks to correctly designed infographics.

3. Conformity

Order leads to conformity.

Have someone that isn’t following the established order.  Instead of wasting time by hauling them into an unpleasant meeting for the umpteenth time why not have them create an infographic of what they think the processes they are supposed to be following are?

You will be able to clearly see what they are and are not understanding and as a result be able to bring them into conformity with everyone else.

4. Organization

The ultimate result of what we have spoken of thus for is organization.  The more organized a person is the greater amount of work they will be able to accomplish within your team.  More work means more productivity and this all can come from a single infographic.


1. Synergy

Individuals create teams.  You’re not going to be able to have a team of just one person.  Trying to do so would simply not make sense.  If all individuals within that team are performing consistently with one another you will find a synergetic energy emerging from the ashes.

2. Process

That synergy can be thus outlined as a continual process or roadmap that the infographic has displayed regarding correct procedures of the event being targeted.

Here, a special note about process should be made.

While no infographic intends to be in error, as you bring everyone together from its influence you may find that something is incorrect.  Fortunately, this trouble can both be identified and adjusted with updates to the process therein increasing productivity all because of the correct structure of an informative image.

3. Structure

Here, we are referring to structure as each person’s place within the team.  Along with errors in process being corrected an infographic can uncover both strengths and weaknesses within a team structure.  Once identified adjustment of members within the team can be made and productivity continues to rise.

4. Dynamics

Instead of being inevitably stagnant your team has now been able to take on a dynamic synergy that is making the difference for the organization.  Your group can ebb and flow per the importance of each event encountered.  Should a new unexpected issue arise a quick review of the process and structure of everything can be assessed and realigned in-order to keep the dynamics of everyone at optimal output.

5. Delivery

Your team now can deliver its piece of the puzzle to the entire organization in an effectively positive way that completes everyone else.  Amazing, how powerful a single infographic can be in enhancing productivity.  Perhaps that’s why so many people within business and otherwise like them.


1. Communication

As the CEO and other leaders see what is and is not working within the process outlined in that selfsame infographic, they can communicate out to the various teams both what is and is not working.  In response those teams can alter their doings in-order to correct for what appear to be issues involved with decreasing productivity.

2. Unity

As your organization now moves forward with united power and influence they will be able to get more done in shorter amounts of time therein being able to focus more on clients and customers.  As your potential buyers and investors see how well your company is performing this will greatly enhance the possibility of their wanting to become purchasing partners.

3. Integrity

Businesses that can ebb and flow with a united front.  Be it management, sales or customer service are defined as having far more integrity by those looking from the outside.  As their trust and loyalty increase so does your potential bottom line return on investments.

It should be noted that more than one infographic may be needed to get the full impact out of this process, but the point remains the same about infographics and their ability to increase your companies’ productivity.

4. Goals

Any successful business or organization must have established goals that it wants to accomplish.  These can come in the form of daily, weekly, monthly or yearly statements.  Other formats are certainly possible.

Why not make the infographic itself from established goals so everyone remembers exactly what direction things are moving into and their part within the process?

5. Mission

Goals are normally created around a much larger event such as a mission statement or a reason for being.  Why does your company exist?

Guess what happens if an infographic is designed around the yearly goals being targeted based on the overall mission statement of your company?

Not only do the goals begin to be met effectively, but so does the core mission statement that you are targeting.


Now that we have the internal structure and its productivity understood it is time to turn to a much more critical equation of what makes up your company or business.

That would be your external customers and clients.  Without them, you have nothing.

1. Design

But with the right design of your website and/or blog properties you have everything.  That design can be propelled by the guidance of a key infographic which empowers you to clearly understand what needs to be done from point A to point B.

HOT TIP: Why not create an infographic that leads your client through your purchasing cycle in an informatively friendly way?  How do you think that would increase the productivity potential of your clients or customers as it relates to their buying habits from your products or services?

2. Building

The building process does not end with your core design elements.  What about social media?

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Google
  • LinkedIn
  • Pinterest
  • Instagram

Whatever makes sense for your marketing message to put in place for your potential new and currently existing clients.  The more they can “see” or “see again” what you are offering the greater the possibility that they will either make a purchase or repurchasing decision.

3. Branding

In the process of following your infographic design model for all you do be sure to brand everything.  Even the infographic if you are going to share it publicly.

  • Does your graphical message of your lead banner clearly define your brand on your blog/website?
  • Do your social media properties carry your structured branding message from the above properties?
  • Will your client and/or customer clearly understand your brand no matter where they find you showing up?

Hope so, and this should be a key part of your rollout infographic so that everyone understands your brand.  Those that are internal to your organization can clearly represent it.  Those that are external to your organization can clearly understand it.

And you will be experience increased productivity as it relates to your bottom line ROI because everyone understands your exact message effectively communicated in your brand message.

4. Networking

Today, a large chunk of this refers to social media, and we will do the same here.

When tweeting, sharing, commenting or whatever you wish to term it, is your branding message being clearly communicated?


How about creating an infographic that walks your representatives through the entire process of representing your brand?

If your viewers see a branding message in all your key graphics as well as one in everything that you are saying.  They will pay attention and productivity will increase on both sides.  Especially if the two branding messages complement one another.

5. Engagement

Now that you have all the digital communications moving in the right direction.

Including email.

You can look at the off-page strategies you use for connecting with your client and make sure that everything fits like a hand to a glove.

Concluding Thoughts About Increasing Productivity with Infographics

I hope you see by now that infographics really can increase your productivity.

Have you used them?

What has worked?

What hasn’t?

What ideas do you have for implementing the usage of infographics for productivity in your organization now that you have read this?

Please share your ideas, thoughts and questions in the comments below and let’s get busy.

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